Michael Asher Foundation

The Michael Asher Foundation oversees, supports, maintains and protects the historical accuracy and authenticity of the work of Michael Asher. The Michael Asher Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, also serves as a charitable foundation that provides support for the arts.

Michael Asher Foundation
453 South Spring Street, Suite 901
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Board of Directors:
Ann Goldstein
Mathieu Gregoire
Miwon Kwon
Stephan Pascher
Kirsi Peltomäki
Stephen Prina

Executive Director:
Karen Dunbar

Foundation Assistant:
Roxy Gonzalez

Although the Michael Asher Archive is currently closed to research while being processed, the Foundation may, at its discretion, make selected materials available to qualified researchers by special arrangement. Appointments should be requested in writing 2 months in advance. Each researcher who wishes to request access to materials in the archive must contact the Foundation directly with their request, even if working collaboratively with other researchers.

Questions regarding publication permissions, archives, research, and potential donations of papers related to Michael Asher can be sent to info@michaelasherfoundation.org

Due to the COVID-19 virus epidemic, the Foundation is temporarily suspending publication requests because they cannot be fulfilled.